Pokemony: zobacz jak wyglądają w prawdziwym świecie!

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Jeśli ktoś kiedykolwiek przeżył fascynację pokemonami będąc dzieckiem, to na pewno wyobrażał je sobie w prawdziwym świecie. Czyżby rzeczywistość była czasem w stanie dorównać wyobraźni? Zobacz ożywione pokemony.
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Mimo iż Ash Ketchum został Mistrzem Pokemon stosunkowo niedawno, Pokemony kojarzy chyba większość ludzi w Polsce. Te stworki przypominające zwierzęta wystąpiły m.in. w popularnym anime, które leciało swego czasu na Polsacie, a także w absolutnie bestsellerowej serii gier komputerowych pod tą samą nazwą. Samo wydane przed trzema laty Pokemon Go zaliczyło miliard pobrań i niemal trzy razy tyle dolarów przychodu!

Josh Dunlop – ożywiciel pokemonów

Jeden z internetowych artystów wpadł na dokładnie taki pomysł. Stara się pokazać jak mogłyby wyglądać pokemony, gdyby istniały w prawdziwym świecie. To wcale nie jest aż tak nieprawdopodobne – w końcu natura potrafi tworzyć jeszcze dziwniejsze rzeczy, niż ludzka wyobraźnia. Zobacz pokemony okiem Josha Dunlopa.

Ten Mankey chyba niejedno w życiu widział:

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I pulled the grips tight as I buckled myself into the climbing harness. I carefully found foot holds as I made my way up the large tree and towards the canopy. As I reached near the top the branches opened up and allowed me to get a better footing and finally look out across the tree tops. It was beautiful. It was like a whole world existed up in the leafy roof of the forest. In the tree across from mine something rummaged in the foliage, followed by a soft hooting. I grabbed my long lens and sat down on the branch I was standing on and focused my lense. Zooming in I saw what had made the commotion… it was a Mankey. These monkeys were known for their aggressive tempers, but what many don't know is why. Mankey are very protective, especially of their territories and family groups. Though this makes many trainers avoid them, if caught and trained well, become fiercely loyal to their owner making them powerful fighting type Pokemon. Originally from colder climates, a small number of them migrated south and made their home in the rich forests of Kanto. ————— Dear god this was a pain to do! I really hate long fur and Mankeys anatomy just doesn't make sense haha. Oh well, I'm happy with how it turned out 🙂 Remember, this is just an interpretation, so please don’t get wound up that it doesn’t look exactly like the anime. If you enjoy the Pokemon Zoology project, do show your support by pledging on Patreon, or grab some cool merchandise on my Etsy store! Links in my bio 😉 #Pokemon #PokemonZoology #Mankey #JoshuaDunlop #ConceptArt

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Nie przejdziesz przez most, na którym śpi ten duży chłopiec:

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Hello my lovely Pokezoologists, so there has been a little change of pace for this post as I've created 2 images instead of 1. Basically, I've had all kinds of issues with this picture, and though I was happy with the Snorlax itself, the scene wasn't grabbing me. So I did 2 alternatives, I like both in their own unique way but I've had mixed reviews from friends and family on which one they like better… so I thought, hell, I'll post them both and let you decided for yourselves which you like best! 1: Driving down the country lanes just outside of Vermilion City when I hit traffic, looking ahead, I see the problem, a Snorlax has fallen asleep on the only bridge for miles, bending the large beams under its tremendous weight… looks like I'll have to find another way around. 2. Climbing through the towering ferns of an old, dark forest, I find a sleeping giant, dozing under a huge tree, it's a Snorlax! These Pokemon are known for sleeping for days at a time and are notoriously hard to wake up, though when they do, watch yourself as they tend to be very hungry and get rather grumpy. Hope you like this one, don't forget to like and share! If you want to support the project, head over to my Patreon for loads of behind the scenes content, videos and rewards: https://www.patreon.com/JoshuaDunlop If you would like to buy any of my work, along with cool merchandise, check out my Etsy store, link in my Bio 😊 #Pokemon #PokemonZoology #Snorlax

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Slowpoke przypomina tu trochę niesporczaka:

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From the small cove in the forest, I followed the water around the coast and found a very interesting Pokemon, a Slowbro.
I sat down under a tree and took a few snaps of it in the overcast sun. With almost no fear, it slowly walked up to me, pulling the now transformed Shellder on its tail behind it. It was very curious, sniffing at my bags, letting out large puffs of air with its wet, bristly nose. I could tell it smelt the food in my backpack, so I pulled it away quickly. The Slowbro continued to stare where my bag once was, and then a few moments later seemed to jump slightly and looked confused as if it had just vanished.
Together, they have a symbiotic relationship that benefits both Pokemon. The weight of the shell allows the Slowbro to stand on its hind legs, freeing up its forearms to forage for food. In turn, chemicals in the Slowbro's blood allows Shellder to transform into a cone-like shape. The shell becomes a lot thicker and gains all the nutrients it needs through the blood of its host. In turn it provides the Slowbro with powerful anti toxins that help it fight off disease. Shellder holds on using sharp appendages that look like teeth but are actually parts of the shell.
Eventually, the Slowbro lost interest and slowly waded into the shallows when it began to gorge on seaweed.
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Nigdy nie przypuszczałem, że Clefable może być taki słodki:

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The snow had begun to fall as I reached the peak of Mt.Moon. Then I heard the beautiful song hanging in the air. Looking up at the glistening sky and lit by the beams of the full moon, a solitary Clefairy sang out into the wintery night in search of a mate. Clefairy (a cousin to Chansey) have very long gestation periods, so will breed just as winter sets in, then, they hibernate together, warm in a burrow until spring arrives, and the female lays her eggs. Their fur is some of the softest in the world, and though now protected, Clefairy pelts were once highly sought after in the fur industry. Wow, this one was a real pain! I'm thinking one day I might do it in the daylight to really show off its fur, but it just depends if I have time. As always, please only give constructive feedback. Hope you like it! If you want to help the project grow, check out my Patreon site and if you fancy grabbing some posters and more, head over to my Etsy store! Links in my bio! 😊 #Clefairy #PokemonZoology #Pokemon

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Zobacz cały Instagram artysty pod tym adresem!

A co z prawdziwymi-prawdziwymi zwierzętami, które są pokemonami?

Ludzkość nie zdołała jeszcze wybić wszystkich gatunków zwierząt na świecie, dlatego mamy niekiedy okazję zobaczyć prawdziwe dziwadła – stwory niczym ze świata Pokemon. Który z nich to prawdziwe stworzenie, a który jest jedynie tworem Photoshopa? Zobacz prawdziwe pokemony:

Ten opos swoją barwę ma zawdzięczać rzadkiej mutacji genetycznej:

The Golden Possum! ⚡️We recently had a very special possum brought in to the clinic. She’s a rare golden variety of…

Gepostet von Boronia Veterinary Clinic And Animal Hospital am Dienstag, 13. November 2018

Czy to ty Eve? Nie, to tylko pustynny lis, Fenek:

To zdaje się Emolga, tylko dużo słodsza:

Bukietnica Arnolda i Venusaur mają ze sobą coś wspólnego

Victribell jest gotów pożreć owady:

Drowzee to z kolei w oczywisty sposób Tapir:

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